you never know what's coming in your life


Sometimes I just really miss them. A lot. 

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i always love #RodneyMcKay!!!


Behind the scenes of “McKay and Mrs. Miller” (3.08)

Stargate Atlantis S03E04 - Sateda


I can’t get over this


Just think about it

Their bodies are pressed together. They can probably smell each other, their hair tickling each other’s faces. And allofspace said, “Look at David’s hands wrapped around Joe.” Joe is patting David’s back, but David is doing a full body hug, arms wrapped around him completely.


Five awesome fake movie posters/manips by Lt.Col.Errandboy

Stargate Atlantis S02E04 - Duet

hehehehehe i love this scene! i love McBeck! i love these boys!!!! <3


David Hewlett. Nuff said.

David Hewlett is genius!! xD


Rachel’s… back must be sooooooo fascinating. DH and Jason are paying way too much attention to her, um, back, that’s right.